Play poker for a living

If you are good enough to get sponsored then you are probably good enough to play poker for a living. Poker, unlike other forms of gambling, is a game where you can win in the long run. Other games which you can win at consistently are Sports betting, Rummy and Backgammon. Forget Online casino games, lotteries and bingo. They are games of pure luck where you can win but you cannot control the odds.

It is possible to make money from tournament poker but for a stable income it is best to play cash games. There are a few professional tournament players but they are few and far between. To win tournaments consistently, you need skill as well as luck. In any large tournament even the most skilled players will have to go all in with, say a 60/40 call, which even though favourable will over the course of the tournament lose at least once.

With cash games, you can make small amounts regularly. Sure, you’ll have bad days where you seem to lose every 50/50 hand but in the long run, if you are better than average you can make a decent living playing internet poker.

Playing poker for a living takes discipline. If your mortgage or rent depends on you winning at poker then you cannot afford to get over confident or go on the tilt. You need to have the mental strength to get through the inevitable periods of losses and keep your feet on the ground when you go on a hot streak.

You will need some good money management skills. This is not an exact science but you should have enough money in the bank to cover a month of losses. It perfectly possible to go on these long losing streaks just because of bad luck.

You need to decide at what stake level you are happy playing at and how many games you can play simultaneously. The higher the stakes the better the players. It is sometime the case it is actually easier to play against a strong player than a week player. With online poker it is possible to play multiple tables. It is possible to play at 4 or more tables at a time and still win.

You also need to work out the best time to play. During the day you may be facing more pros than at night where the more casual player will be on. Its these casual players that fill the pot up for the pros. Late night is a good time as you get drunk people who have their judgement impaired.

Choosing the right room is essential. Any large poker room or network will have enough players to keep the games rolling. With all the loyalty bonuses its possible to make a few hundred pounds just from the bonuses. Alternatively, you can sign up to a room which gives rakeback. Pinnacle Sports gives 30% rakeback paid daily. This is one of the most generous rakeback deals on the internet and has no tiers. You just get 30% cashback on whatever you pay.

Recommended rooms.
Pinnacle Poker – 30% rake back.
VC Poker – Massive cashback bonuses and sponsorship opportunities.