Get Sponsored at William Hill Poker

William Hill Poker is the poker room of the world famous bookmaker William Hill. Part of the ipoker network, there is never any need to wait for the tables to fill up. With such a big brand, William Hill can offer rewards that other rooms cannot match.

When you sign up for William Hill Poker, you are automatically enrolled onto their VIP programme. This is based on WH points which roughly correlates to the amount of rake you contribute when playing. The more rake you put in, the more WH points you will gain.

Even the lower levels are generous but its the highest levels of 9 and 10 which give the player the opportunity to get sponsored by William Hill. This is no easy feat. You are looking at playing poker more like a full time job than something you can do in an evening. If you think you are good enough download the software, sign up and see if you can earn the required number of points.


If players choose to buy-in to any land based Poker events via their VIP scheme membership, they agree to allow William Hill Poker the right to use their name and image for promotional purposes. They also agree to provide reasonable assistance in the promotion of the William Hill Poker Room during and after the events, for example (without limitation) by providing ‘quotes’ which can be attributed to them as a player, participating in photo-shoots, and wearing branded merchandise.

VIP Levels – Points Required

At William Hill Poker, each VIP Level has a set amount of points required for entry. The points must be earned in the previous calendar month to gain access to the relevant level.

For example, a new player starting on the 1st January has the remainder of January to earn WH Points. If that player earns 15,000 points, they jump to Level 5 in February.

Don’t worry if you have a quiet month, you won’t plunge right back down to Level 1 – our soft downgrade only takes you down one level a month, even if you earn no points!

VIP Level Points Required
Level 1 – High Card 0
Level 2 – Pair 500
Level 3 – Two Pair 2,000
Level 4 – 3 of a Kind 5,000
Level 5 – Straight 12,500
Level 6 – Flush 37,500
Level 7 – Full House 100,000
Level 8 – 4 of a Kind 250,000
Level 9 – Straiht Flush 625,000
Level 10 – Royal Flush 1,000,000