Get Cashback at Virgin Poker

This is not sponsorship but it pays to play poker at Virgin Poker.

Virgin Poker are offering players that sign up through the links on this site an exclusive 30% cash back (also known as rakeback).

Poker rooms make money by taking a percentage of the money in the pot. For example, if the end pot, is £10, the poker room may take 50p out of the pot and only pay the player £9.50. The 50p is known as the rake. This is more transparent in the tournaments. A tournament may cost $10 plus $1 entry fee. Virgin Poker will give you 30% of the tournament fees and rakeback.

If you are regular player, this rakeback can add up to hundreds of pounds. If you are an occasional player though, its probably not worth it. You need to generate €100 in rake a month to qualify. For that, you will get €30. Not bad for playing a game that you were going to do anyway. Some players, break even on the tables but then make money just on the rakeback.

Many poker rooms do not offer rakeback. There is a big debate in the poker provider industry whether rakeback is good or bad. If a poker room is offering rakeback, that leaves less money on the table for promotions and customer care. It also has the potential to start an arms race, where different rooms offer higher and higher rakeback amounts until its not profitable to run an only poker site. Some poker rooms have gone bankrupt by offering too much rakeback.

Virgin Poker is arguable one of the most trusted brands in the world, in and outside of igaming. You can be sure that your rakeback will continue to be paid and Virgin poker will still be there tomorrow.

Sign up here for your 30% Rakeback.


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