Buy in to WSOP 2010 direct with William Hill

Do you have a spare few thousand pounds? Can you afford a ticket straight in to the WSOP? If you can, the William Hill could be the place to play poker. They are currently offering players an opportunity of a lifetime.

You can buy your full price WSOP ticket from William Hill. You have to pay the full cost of the flights, hotels and entertainment but you will get to fly out with the William Hill Poker team and be supported throughout your stay. Its sort of like going on a package holiday courtesy on William Hill Poker.

If you cannot afford the cost of a package, William Hill Poker give you the opportunity to win a trip to the WSOP 2010. There are 9 different ways to win a seat from getting enough WH Points to winning seats at the casino table. At William Hill Poker there are many ways to get to the WSOP 2010. Click here


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